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Alcohol Is Not The Answer – Facts & Truths

Facts and Truths — local alcohol activists will not publish these facts. Please vote against all 4 so Alexander County doesn’t see an increase in alcohol related crimes. 

Neighborhoods where bars, restaurants and liquor and other stores that sell alcohol are close together suffer more frequent incidences of violence and other alcohol-related problems, according to recent research by the Prevention Research Center and others. The strong connection between alcohol and violence has been clear for a long time – but now we know that this connection also relates to the location of places that sell alcohol.

Additional alcohol sales in Alexander County will adversely effect every resident from children to adults.

Government agencies with authority over land-use and/or liquor licenses can help fight crime and blight and improve quality of life by controlling licenses to sell alcohol and the location of licensees. Governments can make rules that set minimum distances between alcohol outlets; they can limit new licenses for areas that already have outlets too close together; they can stop issuing licenses when a particular location goes out of business; and they can permanently close outlets that repeatedly violate liquor laws.

This link below presents some of the questions and answers about alcohol sales outlets and alcohol problems – especially the relationship between outlet location and violence.